I have a friend in who lives in Alaska that I met in Germany, and, not two people could have looked so different or anyone thought would be friends. To digress, living in Germany creates a very cohesive community with all the Americans working together. And, I made a friend for life. I moved to Seattle and she moved to Alaska. She became a roller derby girl which is something she had always wanted to do. I went to visit her not long after she moved and met the fantastic ladies who speed along the rink. While enjoying our evening beverages as had done so many times in Germany, we talked about her new life and the derby girls. How she had found an instant family and what a family it was. Ladies from all walks of life with a joy for life and just plain fun supporting each other with love and grace. How I missed that! Fast forward to me moving back home after many many years gone. The need to make new friends and establish a social life. Family was the reason to move back home and I am enjoying every minute of family time with parents, kids and grandkids. But, I needed something for myself. By luck, I discover the Mande Milkshakers who happen to be holding their first audition process. See they are a new marching group on the Northshore wearing red and white polka dots dresses 50s housewife style. Anyone who knows me knows that is tailored made for me. I start the audition process and meet these wonderful group of ladies going through the process with me. I spent weeks learning new dances, practicing, laughing and stressing on whether we will make the team. Ladies from all walks of life with a joy for life and just plain fun supporting each other with love and grace. Helping each other with dance moves, laughing when we mess up and having so much fun in the process. We auditioned on a Sunday at a local Italian restaurant which was a crazy and fun day. We anxiously waited for announcement day. We supported each other while we learned who made the group and celebrated all whose name was called. We made the group! Now we continue to learn new dances, practice, make more friendships and always there’s laughter. A FAMILY IS BORN!!!!

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