The Mande Milkshakers are stepping up the #shakelife and getting intimate with their fans. We are allowing you peek behind the curtain so you can see how the shakes are made. Below are 6 reasons why the Mande Milkshakers are worth following.

  1. Our Milkshake brings all the girls to the yard…

Betty White Shake Gif

The Mande Milkshakers are a group of friends who love to hang out and have a good time.

  1. And they’re like…

Emma Watson Shake Gif

For some reason people enjoy watching us have a good time.

  1. It’s Better than Yours

Taylor Swift Shake GIF

I’ve always believed in the philosophy “The More the Merrier” and there truly is no better way to party than with 30 of your friends!

  1. Damn Right! It’s Better than Yours

Lebron James Shake

We are a “party with a purpose” because behind every shake is a lady who is looking to give back to the community. We aim to raise money for local charities and represent Mandeville pride through participation in community events.

  1. I could Teach You

Fresh Prince Shake Gif

And because we are about having a good time, we empower each other to see ourselves as beautiful, sexy, amazing, active women who live out loud.

  1. But I’d have to Charge

mande_strut gif

Not only can you catch the Mandes on the parade route during Mardi Gras, but you can also expect to see the Mandes around town at Grand Openings, Community Celebrations, and private parties.

We look forward to catching up with you soon! Until then…. Keep on Shaking!!!


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